Our Thoughtful Manufacturing Process


Most companies are quick to slap their logo on products pulled out of catalog books at a manufacturing plant,  often forgetting the real definition of unique.  Then, there's us.  We take the middle road, cut no corners, and obsess over every last detail.  We work from cotton bale to customer, with a unique supply chain of Americans that prove this can be done.

Proximity Manufacturing Company

Good Goods, Prompt Service, Courteous Treatment, Continuous Improvement. 




Sourcing cotton close to home was important.  We found a supplier in the central part of the state who had the right staple length we needed to accurately reproduce the cloth that was once woven in our town.

The cotton is removed from its bale and spun into specific weight yarns for the purpose of weaving on shuttle looms to produce bygone era fabric.  We selected a spinning mill that is right in our backyard, and has been run by generations of family.


Traditional dye ranges are liquid intensive and unsustainable.  We selected another family-run business that utilizes a kettle dyeing system, hand-dipping cones of yarn into plant-based dye vats to yield spectral colors unattainable with synthetic dye stuffs.  We worked to create the exact color match to vintage plaids, for a timeless appeal.


In the present day industry ruled by giants, one may even go on to term the process of making commercially-viable fabric in small batches impossible.  A year of developing a transparent, domestic supply chain has enabled us to achieve the impossible.  Our weaving facility utilizes a wooden warping system to wind our dyed packages of yarn onto a beam, then fabricates an era-accurate double-weave plaid construction especially for each project, using a Crompton & Knowles S-6 loom with a box system for each colored shuttle thrown in the pattern.  Woven with love, our fabric is everything that slow made goods should be.  The result is a one-of-a-kind cotton fabric that embodies every pillar from which Proximity Manufacturing Company was founded on; the right inputs, the right people, and the right production, together make the right outputs, unexcelled.  

Cut & Sew

Getting garment construction right isn't an easy task, especially when it entrusts such exclusive cloth to a saw blade and needle.  We selected the absolute best, without question, machine operators to proudly cut and sew our goods using a traditional, full tail pattern based on original 1950's garments in the company archives, to produce our line of shirts.  Forever grateful for their dedication to their trade, because of these artists we are able to stand behind every seam, every hem, and every stitch of the garments that proudly bear our Honest Made logo.  Proximity Manufacturing Company is already looking ahead to the future, with in-house manufacturing as our next step in building further sustainability to our brand.